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5 Design Tips to Boost your Website

Let’s face it - first impressions are crucial when it comes to landing a new potential client. In the digital age, a friendly smile and a firm handshake at the front door of your business have been replaced by a digital storefront and the look-and-feel of your website. Make sure your website leaves an outstanding first impression, leaving customers eager to keep scrolling and coming back for more. To help you discern whether or not your website is up to scratch, I’ve compiled five design tips that could change the future of your business.

5 Design Tips to Boost your Website

Five design tips that will help your website work for you

Be intentional with your design choices

A great website design isn’t just about being aesthetically pleasing. When planning out your website design, be sure to be intentional about each design choice you make. Ask yourself how each decision is benefitting your overall website and business. Are the choices you’re making providing the user with a smoother, easier, more engaging online experience? Ultimately great design should look great but work even better.

Don’t be afraid of negative space

Many first-time website designers get caught in the trap of overcompensating and filling up every white space with clutter. An effective website is a clear and de-cluttered one. Don’t be afraid to use white space so the user can focus their attention on what is truly important. An overcrowded website can easily feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Keep it simple, keep it tasteful and you’re good to go.

Prioritise what matters

Research shows that regardless of how artistic, stylish or ground-breaking your designs look, it fails in comparison when it comes to your site speed. Your site speed influences every aspect of your website, from bounce rate to user satisfaction to conversions and revenue. When making design choices, be sure to keep in mind how it will affect your site speed. Not only will this improve the overall user experience, but it will help boost your search engine rankings.

Utilise your typography

Although it’s important to discuss the copy with your copywriter and pinpoint what you want to say, it’s also important to focus on the visual component of the words being used. Talk to your designer about enhancing their effect by giving them the right look and feel. This will also help guide the user’s attention to what you feel is important, ultimately improving the conversion rate.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you want to get the most out of your website, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Website designers are professionally trained t spot even the smallest details and utilize them to help boost business and build your brand. Investing in your business and ensuring that it’s done right from the get-go, will give you a competitive edge.

Are you ready to start creating your dream website? Let’s go!

Connect with me here and let’s talk about how we can reach your professional goals together.

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